Day 1 – Starting from Hobbiton


Having done little exercising in the past many months, I’ve started my ellipticaling trip from Hobbiton, and maybe I’ll even make it to Mordor! I did four miles today! That took me from my little hobbit hole on Bag Shot Row, west through the gate, where I turned south and followed the hedgerows. According to the Middle Earth Atlas, crossed the Water (on a plank bridge) and nearly made it to the Brandywine before collapsing in a great big out-of-shape pile of exhaustion.

Thoughts from the Passage
Frodo doesn’t leave Hobbiton until Chapter 3, setting off with not only Sam, but Pippin as well.
One thing that I always thought quaint about the Shire area was how they named things. They called the stream near Hobbiton, The Water. The nearby hill was The Hill. The Shire was the Shire. Even Hobbiton was a pretty obvious name. Maybe the Hobbits weren’t so imaginative. But then, most of the geographic locations were actually names which described what was going on there. The big river running through Middle Earth, The Anduin, for example, was Sindarin for “Great River.”

Also, I had thought that Frodo and company tramped by the Green Dragon on their way out of town, but I was mistaken. They turned off the road before they got to it, taking a different path to Rivendell than Bilbo took. That beer so brown would have to wait for their return.

Today’s Quote
“Be kind to a poor old hobbit!” laughed Frodo. “I shall be as thin as a willow-wand, I’m sure, before I get to Buckland.”

On the Exercising
Ellipticaling is very low impact – much less impact than, say, running. Nevertheless, after but four miles, I am beat. Tomorrow, I will try to do five.

miles today: 4
miles thus far: 4
stopping place: Just across The Water from Hobbiton, which was spanned by a plank bridge.


7 thoughts on “Day 1 – Starting from Hobbiton

    • Hi Meg – I guess I didn’t really explain it all that well in the first post, but I did in the About the Journey segment. You could do it with any distances, of course. Sarah, for example, is doing it from Seattle to the Spiral Jetty in Utah (and back). She’s more likely to make that than I am to make it to Mordor. Still, have to try!

  1. My whole family are big LOR Fans. This is a great post. i like the explanations and commentary as to what is happening,and i have always felt that this journey is a parody of real life. Stupid question – are you actually walking the distance round your local park?

    • You’re really lucky to have grown up with it. I had geeky friends throughout my life, but I was more into Star Wars and various sci-fi rather than fantasy. I didn’t come to Tolkien until much later – like three or four years ago. Since then, however, I’ve devoured it whole.

      I’m not actually walking, but I’m using an elliptical machine, which is sort of a low-impact combination of standing up on a stationery bicycle and a rowing machine (sort of). I’m ellipticaling the miles. It’s tiring. But need to get into shape, no?


      • Well done you! i wish i had the will power.
        Star wars is great, but i don’t like the newer movies. I’m a big Stargate fan, original SG-1, and have also read all of the Discworld novels. may be i should try walking across the disc, I’ll give that some thought.
        thank you for the inspiration. ;-0

        • To me, the newer movies don’t really exist. I’m anxious to see the JJ Abrams take on the third trilogy, though. I’ve never seen Stsrgate, but I’ve got friends who are into it. On the same token, I’ve not seen Dr. Who. Sooo…

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