It’s Been Too Long, but Will Have to Be a Bit Longer

Three-ish weeks ago, I had a kind of minor surgery that I was told would lay me up for a week or so. And while that was mostly true, I’m still laid up. I had hoped that I’d be able to get back to exercising in three weeks, but that can’t yet happen. I had also hoped that I’d be able to start writing random bits about various Tolkieny things pretty well from the get-go. And while that technically could have happened, I felt pretty horrible, and it didn’t.

I’m feeling much better now, thanks! The recovery time was much longer than they said it would be, but not so long as to kill my summer. And speaking of not killing my summer, I’m about to leave for a ten day road trip across Nevada, Utah, some of Wyoming (seriously, like a tiny sliver), and Idaho. I’m ridiculously excited about it and hope I’m up to the task.

When I return, I suspect that I’ll be able to start exercising and thus writing and finally, finally move the Fellowship into the mines of Moria!

I really am sorry that it’s taken so long and that I’ve been unable/unmotivated to write. So what all of this means is that I probably won’t write again until early August.

One good thing to come out of all this is that I think I found the perfect photos to depict Moria, and I’m sure this trip will give me many more.

Sarah and I had a Facebook page and a blog that we used to use for journaling and recording our travels, but mostly we don’t use them anymore (which is sort of a bummer). If you are friends with me on Facebook, I’ll be posting a lot of photos, I’m sure. Some might show up on Instagram, too, though I mostly only post film photographs. Otherwise, when I return, and after I process the 40+ rolls of film I’m sure to take, you can see my antics on my photography blog. I’m weirdly easy to get a hold of.

Camera: Bolsey Jubilee Film: Kodak Max 400 (expired)

Camera: Bolsey Jubilee
Film: Kodak Max 400 (expired)

So sit tight, true believers! I’m not done yet!