There, I’m Back Again!

I’ve been so hot and/or cold about restarting this blog, dragging my feet and making excuses (some actually valid).

The reason I stopped it was because I had surgery for a hernia. The doctors told me that I’d be up and active again in a week. That was totally not the case. It was an incredibly intense pain and I really set me back. Finally, I was able to get around, when we left for vacation. Then one thing lead to another and suddenly it’s September. Where did the summer go?

After surgery, you get all sorts of aches and pains – some real, others imagined or exaggerated out of fear. The docs said that I would have such pains for perhaps two years. So since it appears that I’ll be feeling okay to bleh for quite a while, I figure that I really should start exercising again.

And with exercising comes Tolkien. I’m really excited, but this past weekend, I had another setback very unrelated to anything medical.

When I started the project, I wanted to include my film photography in the mix, finding places that I’ve been that remind me in some way or another (literal or figurative) of Middle Earth. I had, from an early stage, the perfect Mount Doom – Mt. Washington in the Oregon Cascades.

This past weekend, we went there so I could photograph it. I had a single morning to get my shots. But as is so often the case in the Pacific Northwest, the cloud cover was too thick to see it. Here is the shot that I wanted for Mount Doom (not my photograph). And here is basically what I could get:


It’s from my phone, I’ve not developed my film photos yet. They will be a little better. We waited four hours to get a shot, but the clouds never broke. I did, however, get a pretty good Cirith Ungol.

Now, I know, I know, Mount Doom wasn’t easy to see because of the smoke and clouds, but still, this is photography – you need to actually see your subject.

We’ve thought about doing a quick trip there and back to Mt. Washington, but that probably can’t happen before the snows set in. Then, it’ll be until July that it’ll be open. I’m pretty bummed about this. I don’t know of any other mountain with a similar prominence to Mount Doom that is also surrounded by lava fields. At least none as close as Mt. Washington (5.5 hours driving one way).

Nevertheless, look for my first post back on Thursday. I won’t do every day – I want to ease back into this. Four times a week is what I’m shooting for. I think we’ll jump back in with a bit of Gollum’s flappy footsteps. Or something. Here we go again!


18 thoughts on “There, I’m Back Again!

  1. Welcome back! The funny thing about photography is that unless you tell us, we won’t know that it’s not what you wanted ๐Ÿ˜› I actually like that the clouds cover the mountain and you can only just see the base, but I get what you were going for with the other picture.

    Also, you might just want to set a day (or week a month) where you just don’t blog! Your journey is so intense and you need that rest! Have a great September.

    • Thanks! I think I really need to reevaluate the way I approach both travel and photography (which I’ll be delving into on my photography blog). Basically, I’ve been traveling to photograph things, when really I should be photographing what I see while traveling. Still, I really wanted that shot.

      As for the idea of taking breaks, I like it. We’ll see if I can convince myself to do it.

      • Convincing yourself is the hardest! I still don’t take breaks when I should, but it works for me and I get built in breaks when I read a super long book!

        And I know exactly what you mean about the travel vs. photography. I’ll have to check out your other blog.

  2. So glad to see you again! Welcome back!

    I can see what you mean about wanting a better pic of Mt. Doom, but what you have is a pretty awesome take on Gorgoroth.

    • I was VERY proud of myself with this one.

      Things have been crazy, but they’re settling down. Winter is coming and they’ll settle down even more then.

      • ^_^
        Yeah…. I think things are always craziest just when everyone is heading back to school. But this year was the absolute WORST for transitions that I can remember. *sigh* Possibly because I was starting back at college again, at a different university. (I started at a private university, now I’m at the huge state university. *sigh* I keep getting lost on campus. And I know the Freshman Fifteen is NOT going to happen to me–I spend almost more time walking to class than I do in class itself. And that was not really that much of hyperbole, actually. Due to the price of a parking permit, aka $200 for one year?!, and even then I’d have to pick JUST ONE SPOT to park every day, which I totally do NOT like the idea of, I have to park down in the parking lot of the park that’s just beyond the campus itself and walk past a whole golf course every day.)

        • Golf courses can be pretty rough places. The people who destroy the world in unimaginable ways tend to play a LOT of golf. So you’re definitely better off steering clear.

          Good luck with college. I went to a smallish private school that acted like a state school. It was the #1 party school of its size in the US. I wasn’t exactly the #1 partier. Needless to say, it wasn’t the best fit for me. Looking back, however, I wish I could have seen it through.

          • 0_0 Wow, really? I did not know that. (I’d probably suck anyway. I even suck when I’m just playing volleyball, and am only marginally better at soccer and basketball. Somehow, when our Youth Group is playing, all three of those become contact sports, and I end up making contact more often than anyone else. I also apologize a lot more than everyone else combined. ๐Ÿ˜›
            Yeah… It’s kind of creepy because most of these people are older than me. Or at least they act that way. Not necessarily more mature (now that’s a scary thought…) but older. And I’m in my second year at college, but I switched to a state university, so… I’m having a small-town girl vs. big, diverse, weird city culture clash.

            • I was mostly joking about the golf thing. Sort of. The people I know who play it are icky. I don’t really do the sports thing. Sure, I’ll watch some, but mostly it’s roller derby.

              So you started college early then? That probably doesn’t help the city mouse vs. country mouse thing. But seriously, enjoy the city. It might be big and a little scary, but it’s pretty awesome. Take advantage of all it has to offer (which, for me, means comic book stores, places I can actually eat, and record shops – but could mean anything for anyone else). I’m originally from a VERY small town, so yeah, it was a huge shock at first. But now I adore it.

            • ๐Ÿ˜›
              I really prefer hiking and bicycling to sports… er… other sports? (Is hiking a sport? Bicycling can be considered one, I know that much…)
              Well, yes, but then I worked for a year in between. (It’s amazing how far one year’s just-barely-above-minimum-wage work will go to pay for tuition. I was shocked when I realized that the tuition was only about $3,500–probably, the university makes more out of room and board and parking passes than anything else. Oh, and convenience store stuff.)

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