Kill the Orcs, Slay the Orcs, Destroy the Orcs

Since it’s Orc Week, I thought I’d throw in a couple of extra posts. I’m sure some of you have seen this before, but the band 3 Inches of Blood have a song called ‘Destroy the Orcs.’ Enjoy!

You returned late home that night
Evidence all around you from the flight
You see your family’s blood spilled on the ground
There’s no trace of the Orcs to be found

Take the broadsword in your hand
Follow the Orcs to their camp
You will have vengeance in blood

With their heads they will pay the price
Spill blood
On their trail we hunt them tirelessly
Spill blood
Bloodshed eases their loss
Spill their blood

Their decapitation leads to the cessation
Of the sadness, of the woe

Spill the blood

Maybe not exactly canonical, but it’s certainly rousing!



17 thoughts on “Kill the Orcs, Slay the Orcs, Destroy the Orcs

      • Oh my! Speed metal and Middle-earth, righteous!

        Glass Hammer sounds uber! I can’t imagine what else’s been missing from my CD rack here.
        Neither do I want to think about what it says of my life that I find the revelations about Yes more trippy than 3 Inches of Blood 😛

        More posts like this please 😀

        • Never underestimate Yes. Actually, I don’t really know that. My friend Brad is into Yes, but I’ve only heard a few songs. However, Moonchild is utterly amazing. Seek it.

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