A Crack on the Back Says We’re Gonna Fight

Here’s a fun little fact – I’ve never seen any of the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings cartoons. I know that I should remedy this, and maybe someday I will.

Tune in tomorrow for the last of the Orc Week posts!


10 thoughts on “A Crack on the Back Says We’re Gonna Fight

    • I love how disco it is. You dont really even notice it until your mind melds Chic’s “Good Times” as the Orcs’ backing track. If I were better at mash-ups, I would make this happen.

  1. The Return of the King is okay, definitely fun, but the rankin bass Hobbit is my favorite thing ever. The little additions are perfect and in character, the songs are amazing… It’s just wonderful.

    • What about Lord of the Rings by whomever did that one? Worth it?

      I’ve also come across a Russian version of the The Hobbit with fake (and almost funny) subtitles. Also a Finnish (I think) TV series of LotR from the 90s. Freaky fun.

      • The Ralph Bakshi LoTR is awesome. It’s odd- he rotoscoped it, and it makes some of it oddly choppy. But the voice acting is good, and it’s surreal and fun to watch. I love how they show Sam.
        And that version of Aragorn sings part of the Lay of Luthien… It’s a sweet and nice scene that Jackson lifted for his extended edition pretty much whole cloth.
        I wish it got further- it’s really like the first half of lotr.

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