Hearts, Worries, More Pizza, and a Good Bad Movie (Saturday Simmerings)

Like any halfway adept blogger, I don’t write each post on the fly and then simply push “Publish” when I’m finished. I research and write the post, let it simmer for a bit, revise and edit it, and then schedule where it will go live.

Incredibly preliminary notes on the various versions of the info that eventually wound up in the Valaquenta.

Incredibly preliminary notes on the various versions of the info that eventually wound up in the Valaquenta.

Usually, I’m about a week ahead. It’s enough time to give me a buffer just in case life happens to intrude upon writing. So while the readers have a couple more Ainulindalë posts to wade through, I’m about ready to start the Valaquenta. And now things get interesting.

While there are only a handful of drafts of the Ainulindalë, the Valaquenta’s evolution is much more complex. Oddly, the version which is printed in the published Silmarillion is nearly identical to that final draft as written by Tolkien. In fact, it’s so identical that Christopher Tolkien didn’t even bother to print it in the History of Middle-earth series as it would be redundant. In fact, he barely printed the draft before that, instead, referring back to a draft before the Valaquenta was even its own entity. So I guess what I’m saying is, I’ve got a lot of fun ahead of me.

But these weekend posts aren’t for talking business, they’re for random things. But today, the only random things I can think about is the Valaquenta, which, considering I’m about to write about it, isn’t exactly random.

Pizza Again
I suppose it’s not the only thing on my mind. Today is Valentines Day, and though I’m not exactly a sweep-her-off-her-feet romantic, I am making a heart-shaped pizza today! I’ve talked about my pizza making attempts last week, and since then, I’ve tweaked my recipe a bit. We’ll see how it goes.

Once I get it “right,” I’ll post the recipe here. I’ve been using Caputo 00 Flour, and would like to try the easer-to-find bread flour to see the difference. After that, I’ll finalize things.

The LotR Movie that Should Have Been
While listening to the podcast How Did This Get Made, which explores incredibly bad movies, asking how they, in fact, got made, I learned something fun about a potential LotR movie that never happened.

It was supposed to be directed by John Boorman, who later went on to direct Deliverence and Point Blank (the movie covered on the podcast was Zardoz). At that point (1970), he was a mostly-unknown TV director. He wrote a 120 page script that was insane. I wish he would have made the movie. I pray that someday, when both Lord of the Rings and Boorman’s script enter the public domain (long after we’re all dead) that someone will make this happen.

I won’t go into all of the details, but you can read about them here. Seriously, go read them. It would have been a masterpieceofshit.

Heart-shaped doughnuts from Mighty-O in Seattle! Veganny goodness and even organic!

Heart-shaped doughnuts from Mighty-O in Seattle! Veganny goodness and even organic!

The Future
After I finish the Valaquenta, I plan on reassessing the whole Sweating to Mordor project. I had a lot of plans, but all I can think about right now (as far as time is concerned) is finishing the Civil War blog that I do. It will be over in a little less than a month. After that, I’ll have an hour and a half extra of free time each day! Do I want to spend that writing about Tolkien? Sure do! Should I? I’m not so sure.

Worst case scenario is that I’ll keep up the same schedule of three/four posts per week and slide more focus upon my photography blog. We’ll see.


10 thoughts on “Hearts, Worries, More Pizza, and a Good Bad Movie (Saturday Simmerings)

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I hope your pizza is a big hit! BTW, what are those red hearts made out of. I can only guess something sweet as my mouth is watering looking at them.

    My son has put the traditional Valentine’s day cake in the oven. We Elves loves our sweet stuffs.

    As our next big snowstorm approaches I’ve started rereading the FotR. Although this copy of the book is falling apart, I can’t visual reading it any other way. A cup of hot tea by my side I’ll leave you now as our young fleeing hobbits are entering the Old Forest and leaving Buckland behind.

    • The red hearts were doughnuts (minus the hole) from Mighty-O – an amazing vegan/organic doughnut place in Seattle. Really good stuff. They were actually picked as the #1 doughnut in the US by some Food Channel thing. No idea, really. They’re just amazingly good.

      A traditional Valentine’s day cake? I’ve been trying to think of some Valentine’s day tradition to start. We don’t really make a lot of the holiday, but it would be nice to start something.

      You seem to be weathering the snow storm much better than I would. When I lived back east (Pennsylvania), I hated everything about winter. Out here, there’s really just two seasons – gray/rainy vs. sort of warm/sunny. I kind of miss autumn a little bit. But mostly not. Our travel season stretches from March to November, so I’m pretty happy, even without pretty leaves.

  2. I would have watched Boorman’s LoTR a gazillion times if it had been made back in the ’70s with the Beatles (my favorite band at the time). I’m actually picturing George Harrison as Frodo, Ringo as Sam, and John & Paul as Pippin & Merry (I think; that’s a bit of a toss-up–is Pippin the more sarcastic?). Did you see his Excalibur? It was a favorite movie of mine until I watched it a few years ago and could only see what was wrong with it.

    • I’ve only actually seen his deliverance (which makes me think that the trip down the Anduin would have been awesome).

      Was his the movie that the Beatles wanted to do? I know it passed through a few hands here and there.

      • I didn’t realize he made Deliverance. Never saw it, but yeah, that would add a whole different twist to the river trip, huh?

        I think he wanted the Beatles? That’s what I thought the article said.

        • Oh definitely see Deliverance!

          The article said that, yeah, but I thought that the Beatles wanted to handle that on their own. I read a bit yesterday, but that book is alllllll the way across the room and I have a warm cat on my lap. You can certainly understand my dilemma. 🙂

          • It’s on my very long list.

            You’re right. I think the article mentioned something about the folks who put Yellow Submarine together wanting to do something animated.

            I certainly can. No worries. 🙂

  3. Hope your pizza plan went according to plan 🙂

    That adaptation… woah, I’m thinking some sort of space opera on earth/installation art/life-theatre/noveau terrence malick take is the only way to sell it. It’s just… far out 😛

    Commiserations on future blogging planning. I’m going to have to scale back on any meaningful rambling for a while (and have been doing), and hope the imagery blogging’s enough to keep things going (and sustain the inner nerd) until I can pay attention again. Good luck, and your photog blog sounds like it deserves some priority 🙂

    • The pizza could have gone better. I wasn’t totally sure about the dough. I used the same recipe as last time, but it was much stickier. I think I messed something up somewhere. I had to add more flour and it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as stretchy as it should have been. When I went to form the pie, it retracted too much. Oh well, even when you screw up a pizza, you still have pizza!

      From what I understand, the movie Zardaz that he produced soon after the LotR plans fell through was directly influenced from his really wanting to produce LotR instead. So, see that movie if you want to know how LotR would have turned out. I’ve not seen it yet, and I’m sort of afraid to.

      I definitely need to focus more on my photography. I have SO much film – I keep buying bulk rolls of 100′ and really just need to shoot as much as I can this summer. We’re planning a few trips, and since it seems that I only shoot while traveling, hopefully I’ll return with a couple thousand shots.

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