Doughnuts, Roller Derby, the Valaquenta and Pizza (Again)

What a very productive week I didn’t have! Though it’s over now, I was fairly consumed with writers block. While I could still jot down 1,000 or so words each day about the Civil War, I couldn’t gather the gumption to start up the Valaquenta. I really wanted to, of course, but I was gripped by a bit of nervousness and the blues (or mean reds).

Remember when I started this blog, how it was supposed to be a vehicle for me to exercise? I’ve started back up and have actually put myself on a fairly strict (for me) diet. I’ve been counting calories and trying to burn as many as I could. Progress has been awfully slow and I got a bit down.

The weekend started with a 7am visit to a lab so I could have blood drawn. The vamp stuck me with a needle, but couldn’t find a vein. Several pokes and a good deal of rooting around later, and she tried my other arm, which went just fine. Not the most auspicious of beginnings, but then there were doughnuts (or rather doughnut – the whole diet thing, remember?).

The afternoon saw a bit of writing for this blog, and then a couple of bouts of roller derby. Wherever you are, I can promise you that there’s a roller derby league. I can also promise you that it’s great fun and you’ll have a blast. If you’re not familiar with the sport, go ahead and watch this. It follows the London Rollergirls and their trip to Seattle last year (I was at the bout).

In Sweating to Mordor news, I renewed the domain name for two years, so looks like I’ll be around for a bit. Also, I made a chart for the Valaquenta writing history. It’s not pretty, but it’s as accurate as I can get.


I wish it were prettier, but if I’m not screenprinting something, it’s really not my forté.

The pizza-making is still going strong. I tried a new recipe for NY Style, and am about ready to toss it and put it in the oven. I’ll report back with the findings. Trying out a new vegan cheese too. It’s called Tease, and I’ve heard it’s pretty good. I’ve had it before, but have never cooked with it. We’ll see how it goes. The thing about testing pizza recipes is that even when you kind of mess it up, you’ve still got pizza! Huzzah!

Last week's pie. This cutter is amazing, by the way.

Last week’s pie. This cutter is amazing, by the way.

So for this upcoming week, keep an eye out for three Valaquenta posts starting tomorrow! Now, I understand that the Valaquenta isn’t exactly the most exciting of chapters. It’s basically a glorified list (and really not that glorified). The writing history is fun, but really, there’s not a whole lot that you can do with this. I try to keep it interesting and informative, though. Here’s hoping you’ll wade through it!


7 thoughts on “Doughnuts, Roller Derby, the Valaquenta and Pizza (Again)

    • Thanks! The first two are a bit shaky, but the third (on Friday) is better. Hold tight!

      Also, I was REALLY REALLY wrong about there not being bad pizza. There is. The pie I made today was incredibly and heartbreakingly bad. Everything about it went wrong, and it tasted like school cafeteria pizza. Yeah. That bad.

  1. You’ll do fine with the Valaquenta. I can tell already. That table already is Ages ahead of my glorified list 😛

    Good luck with the blood test results. I’m in the boat with you on diet and health, but well, from the looks of it, you’re way ahead there too. So go you! =)

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