We’re Still Here!

I know that it’s been a bit slow lately – but that’s just how the story goes. In all of August 3018 of the Third Age, not a whole lot is happening. Basically nothing.

Frodo is still in the Shire.
Gandalf is still in Orthanc.
Boromir is wandering around Rohan.
Aragorn is “on business of his own” somewhere.
The Rangers are guarding the Shire.
The Nazgûl are looking for the Shire in Anduin’s Vale (good luck with that).
All the Dwarves are still where they’re supposed to be.
Same with the Elves.

Everything is just on hold.

Things will pick up again on September 1st. That month will be sporadic at first, but by the time Frodo leaves the Shire, we’ll be a daily blog once again!

Camera: Argus/Cosina STL1000
Film: Seattle Film Works 100 (x-05/01)