About the Photographs


Also, I’m a photographer. I’m not a professional or anything like that, but I shoot on 120 film using vintage cameras (ranging from 1914 to the 1960s). One thing I’ve noticed about Middle-earth is that it encompasses quite a variety of ecoregions. There’s everything from desert (Harad) to snowy (Northern Waste) to forests (all over) and everything in between.

Because of this, it’s pretty easy to take a photo of any sort of landscape and shoehorn it into the narrative. And that’s exactly what I’m doing with my own photographs for each post.

So every photo you see (unless I make a mention of it, or it’s obvious) has been taken by me using film of some kind and an antique camera. I hope you enjoy them well enough.

You can also check out my photography at flickr.

12 thoughts on “About the Photographs

  1. You’re better at photography than I am. I’m only good enough to know that I have a crappy camera and need a new one that has a telephoto lens and will actually shoot decent video. 😛

  2. Hey Eric,
    I know Ellipticals can be boring, and glad you found the Atlas of Middle-Earth!
    btw, if you really want to chuck the Elliptical then check out Reg Park’s “Bench Press-Deadlift-Squat” routine … twice a week of that and you’d be singing ‘May it be’ !!

    Loved your pics with the Kodak Brownie 2 … keep it up!!

  3. Eric – thoroughly enjoyable blog. I found this one through your film photography blog. Old cameras shooting old film – I have been doing a lot of the same over the last year. I’d like to hear a bit more about your developing and scanning processes.

    • Thanks! I really should do a write up about that on my photography blog. Basically, though, it’s like regular home developing. Nothing super fancy. But I definitely should. At least for the b&w. Give me a few days, and I bet I will(ish).

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